Top Sewing Blogs of 2023

Style Sew Me

Style Sew Me is a style and sewing blog, founded by Eryn Shields, that teaches women how to take control of their personal style by sewing their own clothing. Eryn shares quick and easy tutorials on how to sew fashionable women’s clothing and sew alongs from her sewing pattern collection, Style Sew Me Patterns. Her mission is help women feel beautiful in their pieces and get maximum versatility by showing outfit inspiration.

Read more at Style Sew Me.

Julia Bobbin

Julia Bobbin is a fabric obsessed, sewing fanatic who loves sewing both modern and vintage styles. A recent tailoring and hand-stitching evangelist, Julia lives for sewing bespoke suits, couture dresses and taking the time to get the fit just right!

Read more at Julia Bobbin.

Erica Bunker

Erica Bunker, DIY Style is a fashion sewing blog that was established in 2005. Erica inspires others who enjoy creating their own wardrobe through the art of sewing, by demonstrating how she pulls inspiration from the runway and high-end ready-to-wear fashion to create beautifully tailored, designer-quality garments with couture details. On the blog, you will also find not only expert-level sewing, but also fashion savvy styling tips.

Read more at Erica Bunker.

Londa’s Creative Sewing

Londa Rohlfing shares her creative sewing adventures by sharing her own sewing projects and also a wealth of sewing knowledge gleaned from over 50 years of sewing. Londa is a pattern designer, book author, past sewing machine/fabric store owner, and national sewing educator who now teaches all ages to sew from her Sunroom Sewing Studio in Jackson, Tennessee.

Read more at Londa’s Creative Sewing.


Marcy, also known as oonaballoona, is an actress, singer, dancer, and lover of color. She hosts the entertainment sewing series “Re:Fashion” on Bluprint alongside her husband Rob. Her blog chronicles her signature technicolor style throughout adventures in film, tv, stage, the grocery store, and life in New York.

Read more at oonaballoona.

Mister Domestic

Mister Domestic is all about spreading joy and positivity through sewing and crafting. From sewing to quilting to weaving to crochet, this blog is chalk full of inspiration, free tutorials, a constant party and laughs for days. To come join the party, come to Mister Domestic, where all are welcome and positivity is boundless.

Read more at Mister Domestic.

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

If I had to use some words to describe myself they would be sewist, dressmaker, fabricaholic and creative fiber artist would all be featured. Mostly though I’m just a plus size fashionista journeying through the sewing world trying to make magic with each garment I create.

Read more at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Linda has been sewing since the 70’s, when her most loved project was a pink polyester pantsuit – yes, that’s true! After all these years, there are still things Linda would like to try, learn and talk about with you. Right now Linda has a bag obsession! Linda has been on a Ready To Wear fast since 2015 and is the creator of #DESIGNINDECEMBER.

Read more at Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!.


HelloSewing has an extensive collection of easy sewing projects and sewing tips for beginners, and there is a blog with lots of articles on all things sewing.

Read more at HelloSewing.


Knitwitsowls is a sewing, knitting and general craftiness blog written by Frankie Baldwin. Featuring sewing and knitting tips, tricks and tutorials.

Read more at KnitWitsOwls.


Manju is the author behind Sewmanju, which is a blog showcasing garments that Manju makes. She enjoys sewing a wide variety of ready-to-wear inspired clothing to suit all occasions and seasons, and is fearless in her pursuit of excellent fit. Her style is a mixture of modern classic and on-trend pieces which are both colourful and feminine.

Read more at sewmanju.

Male Pattern Boldness

I’m a native New Yorker and sewing fanatic! I started sewing in 2009 and today make all my own clothes using vintage sewing machines and vintage patterns, in addition to sewing for private clients. Welcome to the warm and whimsical world of Male Pattern Boldness, where the conversation is sewing, style, fashion, fabric, and more!

Read more at Male Pattern Boldness.

Lazy Girl Designs

As Lazy Girl, Joan Hawley always finds the easy and fun way to a successful project. A self-described geek and armchair engineer, Joan loves creating new twists and techniques for sewing and quilting.

Read more at Lazy Girl Designs.

Made Everyday

I’m a mom of 3 kids living in Austin, TX with my husband Casey. I love to sew, make, DIY, photograph, write, and share everyday things that will be used and loved. So blogging is the perfect marriage of tricks for me. I started this blog as a place to share and connect with people. And today it’s doing much of the same, with colorful projects + ideas to get your wheels spinning. Most of all, I love to meet people! And I love to talk about creative life.

Read more at Made Everyday.

Curvy Sewing Collective

The Curvy Sewing Collective is a group of curvy sewing bloggers intent on demystifying all things plus-sized and home sewing. The Curvy Sewing Collective began in the spring of 2014, the brainchild of Jenny and Mary, as a way to bring together the plus-sized sewing community and address issues common to curvy sewists.

Read more at Curvy Sewing Collective.

Cluck Cluck Sew

Hi there, I’m Allison! I started this blog in 2007 as a way to keep record of the things I was making. I also started quilting around that time, so this blog has followed my journey from a brand new quilter, to a quilter that sort of knows what she’s doing. Blogging is my first love, but I also write and publish quilt patterns, author and contribute to quilting books and magazines, and design fabric sold in quilt shops with Windham Fabrics.

Read more at Cluck Cluck Sew.


Hi there, I’m Anna! Glad you stopped by.
I’m a mom to two incredibly inspiring daughters. My oldest daughter had the curliest blonde hair when she was little and my nickname for her was ‘noodlehead’. It’s one of many nicknames, but it stuck, it’s fun and a little goofy – just like us. I’m pretty sure I’m a lot like you. I love to sew and be creative.

Read more at Noodlehead.

Crafty Gemini

My name is Vanessa (a.k.a- Crafty Gemini) and this is my home on the web! Welcome! Here is my little crew! The hubs and I have two crafty characters: Jonathan (Juice) is 12 and Allie is 10. We live on a 5-acre homestead just north of Gainesville, FL. I was born in NYC and raised in Miami, FL. I am fluent in English and Spanish. My entire family is from the Dominican Republic.

Read more at Crafty Gemini.

Sew Sweetness

My name is Sara, and I live with my husband and children in Chicago, Illinois. My son, William, is 9, and my daughter, Violet, is 7-1/2. I love horses, sewing, reading books, Australian Shepherds, and music. The blog was named for one of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs that I had on a cute pink 7″ record. It just sounded appropriate with the word ‘sew’ in front of it. 🙂

Read more at Sew Sweetness.

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Linda loves spending time with her family, and jogging, but her next love is SEWING!
Linda’s Aunt was a trained seamstress in Hungary and her Mother always had a sewing machine on the dining room table. Linda’s Aunt could make an evening dress out of a pile of fabric, without a pattern, and her Mother was thrifty and always had a sewing machine out on the dining room table, mending an old garment to make it new again. Linda has always been surrounded by sewing projects. Her Aunt and Mother inspired her and taught her how to sew at a young age. She remembers sewing Barbie clothes in elementary school and outfits in middle school. Her proudest moment was designing and sewing her own wedding dress.

Read more at Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!.

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

Hi, my name is Carolyn and I’ve been sewing since I was 11 years old. I love to sew and have made everything from my wedding outfit, to coats, my daughter’s and grandchildren’s clothing as well a couple of home dec items.
If I had to use some words to describe myself they would be sewist, dressmaker, fabricaholic and creative fiber artist would all be featured. Mostly though I’m just a plus size fashionista journeying through the sewing world trying to make magic with each garment I create.

Read more at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.

Man Sewing

Hi, I’m Rob Appell, host of Man Sewing. I’m a guy with boundless energy and enthusiasm for life and creativity. I love God, my wife, son and daughter. I enjoy waking up excited each day to see what lies ahead. I’m happiest when I’m outside or in my studio. I have been told that I inspire others and for that I feel very blessed.

Read more at Man Sewing.

Tilly and the Buttons

Hello! I’m Tilly Walnes, the founder of Tilly and the Buttons. We create gorgeous, easy-to-use sewing patterns, books and online workshops for the new wave of DIY dressmakers.
With jargon-busting instructions and photos showing each step, our award-winning sewing patterns, dressmaking workshops and bestselling books (Love at First Stitch and Stretch!) help you create beautiful clothes that you’ll be proud to say you made yourself… even if you’re a new stitcher.

Read more at Tilly and the Buttons.

We All Sew

Welcome to WeAllSew!
What is WeAllSew? WeAllSew is a place where sewers and crafters of all ages and skill levels are celebrated and inspired through project ideas, patterns and tips to fuel your creativity and love for sewing.
It doesn’t matter what brand or type of sewing machine you own. Because we all sew, we all share the same passion for creating unique treasures. Whether you are learning how to sew for the first time or want to perfect your skills, the new WeAllSew blog and online community can help! Our blog contributors and sewing experts provide tutorials, easy step-by-step instructions, new product information and inspirational ideas just for you.

Read more at We All Sew.

Erica Bunker, DIY Style

Erica Bunker, DIY Style is a fashion sewing blog that was established in 2005. Erica loves inspiring others who enjoy creating their own wardrobe through the art of sewing. Erica demonstrates how she pulls inspiration from the runway and luxury brands to create beautifully tailored, designer-quality, classic garments with couture details and a contemporary twist. There is an “art” to cultivating a wardrobe. Cultivation is not an overnight process, it takes time. Erica shows how to look beyond outdated commercial pattern instructions, how to select appropriate fabrics and how the average home sewer can create their own modern wardrobe.

Read more at Erica Bunker, DIY Style.

see kate sew

Hi! I’m See Kate Sew, aka Kate Blocher: fashion lover, fabric and pattern designer, author and mother of four. When I’m not chasing kids you can find me at my sewing table or daydreaming up new designs.

Read more at see kate sew.

Made by Rae

HELLO, I’M RAE! I design sewing tools that allow women to connect to their creativity by sewing clothing that is both beautiful and practical. So many projects, so little time! As a mom of three, I know what it means to have a busy life. But I also know that when you love creating, all it takes is little bits of time here and there to make something.
I’m here to provide you with the inspiration and tools you need to help you turn your ideas into reality. I want you to feel how empowering it can be to make your own clothing. Your hands turning dreams and ideas into physical items that can be worn and enjoyed…that’s truly magical. Let’s make it happen!

Read more at Made by Rae.

Life Sew Savory

Hi! I’m Emily! I’ve been creating this little space online since 2008. At that time I had a toddler and was pregnant with my second. I loved to make things and decided to start a “blog” and for the first several years it was just my hobby. As my kids grew, so did this site, until it was what it is today. A huge resource of FREE SEWING PATTERNS, CRAFTS, and RECIPES.

Read more at Life Sew Savory.

While She Naps

I’m Abby Glassenberg, the author of While She Naps. This is a blog about the home sewing industry and creative entrepreneurship with a focus on craft publishing, fabric manufacturing, feminism, and social justice. I’m a sewing pattern designer, craft book author, writer, and teacher.

Read more at While She Naps.

Oliver + S

Hi there. I’m Liesl Gibson, and I design sewing patterns for people who love to sew or want to learn how to sew. I’m glad you’ve discovered us, and I hope you’ll stick around for a while.

Read more at Oliver + S.

Flossie Teacakes

Hello, my name is Florence. This blog is a record of the things I make and my thoughts in between the stitches. My book, Flossie Teacakes’ Guide to English Paper Piecing, is published by Penguin Random House, and my work also appears in the V&A Museum’s book, Patchwork & Quilting: A Maker’s Guide. I sell prints of some of my work in my Etsy shop, and you can find patterns and tutorials though the menu. Thank you so much for reading, Florence x

Read more at Flossie Teacakes.

Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman (June 21, 1953 – November 14, 2017) was an American author, designer, businesswoman, TV producer, blogger and national sewing authority, and host of the popular show Sewing With Nancy®, which appears exclusively on public television stations across the United States and Canada.

Read more at Nancy Zieman.

The Sewing Loft

Growing up my family reused everything, not because we were thinking of the environment but because we needed to. This reuse and repurposing always fascinated me. I would watch my mother refashion old clothes into new outfits for me with her trusty sewing machine or snuggle with my grandma on a Saturday morning while she darned thinning socks. One of my favorite things was sitting in a sunny corner of the sewing room sifting through buttons. Those buttons were like “eye candy” to me and not just because they were hidden in an old cookie tin! There were just so many colors, textures, shapes and sizes, each one more intriguing then the next. From these memories and life experiences my passion for creativity was born.

Read more at The Sewing Loft.

Handmade by Carolyn

Hello, I’m Carolyn. I live in Perth, Western Australia, and I like to make things. Lots of things… starting with all my own clothes. Sometimes I make things for unsuspecting family members too, but not so often 😉

Read more at Handmade by Carolyn.

Sew Busy Lizzy

In a former professional life I was once a craft magazine editor (amongst other things along the way). It used to be my job to make stuff, write about making stuff, write instructions, attend photo shoots, interview clever craftspeople. It was wonderful and I loved how craft and making things is more than just the objects, it’s about people and their stories.
Then I got married, moved, got a new job in a different field, had two delightful daughters, and suddenly I was always too busy, too tired, too everything. Too not ME.I realised I did not want to make craft things any more. I wanted to make things for ME. Selfish but true. So I am learning to sew clothes better, fit clothes, make muslins, insert zippers, do French seams and more!

Read more at Sew Busy Lizzy.

Melly Sews

I’m mom to a daughter and two boys, wife to a Texas high school football coach (the Coach you might see me mention sometimes), and a former theatre teacher. We love living in Austin, Texas.
Besides sewing, I enjoy acting, reading, writing, directing, and riding horses much more than I love bikes

Read more at Melly Sews.


My name is Lauren Taylor. I am a 34 year old native Nashvillian with a love for all things sewing-related. I have a mean cat named Amelia Earhart and a lot of free time to devote to my passions. My life is pretty awesome.
In addition to sewing, I love riding my bicycle and eating tomatoes and watching Back to the Future. I am an avid knitter who has currently knit over 15 sweaters (and now the sock obsession has started, whee), and I also dabble in embroidery and watercolor painting. Someday, I’d also like to learn wood working, because why not? Who doesn’t want to build their own table, amirite?

Read more at LLadybird.

Enchanted Voyage

Welcome to my creative journal! I am Maureen. A stay-at-home mother of three, a lover of all things crafty and creative, and I make things by hand, at home in small town Pennsylvania ♥.
I started this blog in 2010 for a little space of my own — for sharing my passion to create, to document what I learn/how I grow as an artistic person, and to have a special place to keep some of those little projects and moments that myself and my children create together throughout our days.

Read more at Enchanted Voyage.

Merrick’s Art

Hi there, I’m Merrick! Welcome to Merrick’s Art. I’m a blogger, stylist, seamstress, clothing designer, mama of three boys, wife to a wonderful guy, and we live in north Dallas, Texas.
I started Merrick’s Art back in 2008 when I was in college getting my art degree. After my first baby was born in 2010, I discovered my love of sewing and spent a year or two doing a lot of clothing refashions, starting with this one right here. It was at least a year before I finally got brave enough to cut into a piece of fabric and start something from scratch, but I stuck with it and got better with every project (although I still threw away a lot of projects)! There’s nothing more thrilling for me than designing and constructing a beautiful piece of clothing.

Read more at Merrick’s Art.

Modern Domestic

In 2010, we had a simple business plan: Open up a sewing studio and classroom space that served Portland by providing a welcoming and well-equipped space with quality sewing machines and the friendly support to use them. Even if you didn’t have a sewing space of your own, you had ours.
Our business evolved quickly over the last decade. We became a BERNINA dealer, started selling fabric, bought our own building, and opened a second location. However, the most important thing we’ve done in the last ten years is help build the most incredible community of sewists of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Our staff members have become dear friends and our wonderful customers have all become part of our big MD family.

Read more at Modern Domestic.

Heather Handmade

My name is Heather, and I’m a wife, mother, and a seamstress. I love to and share that love with you. I make lots free sewing patterns, I teach you how to sew, and I’m a self-proclaimed fabric fondler.I started this blog years ago, and it was first called Feathers Flights {a creative sewing blog} so that I could write about all my creative “flights”. I made all sorts of crafts and sewing projects.
I have since changed the name to Heather Handmade to align with my desire to make everything with my hands. It wanted it to open my possibilites, but it actually helped me narrow my blog down to sewing projects and free sewing patterns.

Read more at Heather Handmade.

Sew Tessuti

Colette Guanta comes from three generations of dressmakers and manufacturers. Colette studied design at East Sydney before working with her mother, Silva Guanta, who to this date manufacturers beautiful garments for women who appreciate great quality fabrics and design. Colette then moved on to open Tessuti Fabrics at Chatswood on Mother’s Day in 1992, where she sourced top quality designer fabrics, trims and buttons.
Emma Laue (also seen in this video) is a wonderful member of the Tessuti team. A talented designer in her own right, Emma’s passion for design and fabrics, and her commitment to excellent customer service are greatly appreciated by Tessuti’s customers.

Read more at Sew Tessuti.

Julia Bobbin

My name is Julia and I’m a coffee person with a sewing problem.
August 27th, 2009 was the day that I first slouched in front of a sewing machine and sewed two pieces of calico together with a straight stitch.
It was love at first stitch for me, and ever since I have spent all my waking hours fantasising about what I’m going to make next.

Read more at Julia Bobbin.

Lilacs & Lace

Chronicling my adventures in creativity. I adore sewing and knitting, mostly vintage or vintage-inspired patterns. I hope this blog will inspire others to create lovely and lasting garments that speak of a past era and yet remain timeless and elegant.

Read more at Lilacs & Lace.


Hi I’m Frankie, I’m Currently a stay at home mum to a small boy and I make a LOT of stuff! I’ve been knitting, painting and sewing for as long as I can remember and I have always enjoyed sharing my passion with others! I have no official training or qualifications , so I’ve learnt from the school of mistakes. There have been days when I’ve wanted to throw my sewing machine out of the window and I’ve definitely had the days where every time I count a row of stitches it comes out as a new number!

Read more at KnitWitsOwls.

The Mahogany Stylist

I’ve been sewing and crafting for over 40 years. It started when I was about 10 years old, the sewing part at least. As a kid, I was always doing something creative. Back to the sewing.., I made doll clothes from scraps given to me. It was so much fun. By age 12 in middle school, students were “required” to take home economics (cooking and sewing) and shop. This was my first formal class in sewing. But like most sewists, I come from a family where women make and sew all sorts of things. I grew up during a time where women spent a lot of time in the home and they used their creative talents to improve their lifestyle. Both of my grandmothers sewed, making everything from quilts, to baby clothes, to wardrobes that any woman would love to have. Most of my family thinks I’m more like my paternal grandmother. This woman was super creative and quite the entrepreneur

Read more at The Mahogany Stylist.

Girls in the Garden

Hi, I am Lori from the Midwest, born and raised in the same small town. Married to Mike and mom to 4 incredible, marvelous, wonderfully talented girls and now a “nana” to two cute little ones. We have had the pleasure and joy of raising 4 these girls in this town. Our oldest was married to a great guy in 2009 and we now have a son, too. Then in August 2015, we welcomed another son, when our youngest daughter was married. My husband always told people when they asked, “don’t you want a son?” he replied, “the sons will come.” and he was so right.
Sewing has been a part of my life since 7th grade home arts class. I made an apron in class and that was the official start of my sewing passion. The summer before my 8th grade year and home economics class, my mom would take me to the local department store to buy a pattern and fabric. I would come home and she would patiently help me make that very first wrap sundress. I sewed on her Singer machine in the utility room, just off the kitchen and mom would be right there to help every step of the way. My jumper was blue with plaid straps, tie and pocket trim. I thought it was beautiful.

Read more at Girls in the Garden.

Mood Sewciety

Opened by Jack Sauma in 1991, Mood Fabrics quickly became a staple of the New York City Garment District. With Jack’s family by his side and the world of fashion at his feet, Mood Fabrics grew to become a global success; launching an online store, opening a store in Los Angeles, and providing the fabric to the acclaimed show Project Runway. Currently run by Jack’s sons, Eric and Philip, Mood Fabrics is the result of hard work and family bonds, the epitome of the American Dream. Now, Mood hopes to help you achieve your dreams, whether you want to present a collection at fashion week or teach your children to sew. With fabrics that range from discount to designer, Mood is constantly adding new products to their collection.

Read more at Mood Sewciety.

La Sewista

Passionate sewist, tryer of anything fiber related, accumulator of too much sewing “stuff”, sharer of sewing knowledge whenever I can, appreciator of all who have taught me so much, member of a family I love madly and who love me back, friend of so many amazing sewists who sew at all levels. Proud Blogger since 2007!

Read more at La Sewista.

Diary of a Chain Stitcher

I live in Dorking, just south of London and work in the wonderful world of costume for theater and events. I’m a Costume Supervisor, which in a nutshell means I am responsible for making the designer’s ideas a reality. Day to day this can involve sourcing fabrics and haberdashery, buying clothing and footwear, costume fittings, dress rehearsals, organizing makers and managing budgets.
About seven years ago I discovered the amazing world of sewing blogs and decided to stop just admiring the skills of the costume makers I work with give sewing a whirl myself. This spur of the moment idea swiftly developed into an addiction and full blown love affair with fabrics and learning new techniques. I started this blog to track my progress, projects and ideas but through it have also ended up meeting a huge community of fantastic friends. I sew purely for the enjoyment of it and mainly make clothes for myself, although I do enjoy making the odd crafty little project for others and I love sharing all of it with you!

Read more at Diary of a Chain Stitcher.

What Katie Sews

This blog chronicles my attempts to build a wearable everyday wardrobe by sewing my own basics, with a few special makes thrown in every now and then. I hope my blog helps people to see that making a simple, unfussy wardrobe of everyday handmade clothes is achievable and fun.
I live in North London and work in tech startups.

Read more at What Katie Sews.


I like many things, but just can’t stand to sit still and do nothing. I love crafts, drawing, decorating, making beautiful thing out of scratch with my own hands and above all – I simply adore sewing!
I also love spending time outdoors, but at the end of the day I end up drinking tons of black coffee and staying up until the wee hours to work on one of my latest projects. It is during these hours which I have to myself that I feel perfectly complete and focused.

Read more at HelloSewing.

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