Top Excel Blogs of 2023

Featured Excel Blogs

Peltier Tech Blog

The Peltier Tech blog is run by Jon Peltier, a Microsoft Excel MVP since 2001 and founder of Peltier Technical Services in 2003. The blog covers Excel topics such as Charting and VBA in great detail, with well over 500 tutorials. Peltier Tech offers commercial Excel Charting add-ins for Excel, and also does custom projects and training in these topics.

Read more at Peltier Tech Blog.

How to Excel

How to Excel is run by John MacDougall, a recent Microsoft MVP since 2018. His site covers a variety of topics including charts, formulas, VBA, pivot tables and power query. His site tends to take a visual approach and uses a lot of annotated screen shots for easy understanding. Make sure you check out his awesome 101 Pivot Table Tips post!

Read more at How to Excel.

Not Just Numbers

Glen Feechan, a Chartered Accountant and Excel Consultant, provides practical tips and advice on getting the most out of Excel – whatever you use it for.

Read more at Not Just Numbers.

Excel by Joe

ExcelbyJoe is my Excel blog where I teaches users how to use Microsoft Excel in their everyday lives. I use many screenshots and videos in my posts to help users learn how to use Excel in their work life, personal life and in fantasy sports.

Read more at Excel by Joe.

My Online Training Hub

Microsoft Excel MVP, Mynda Treacy, writes about everything Excel, with particular focus on Excel Dashboards and data visualisation. Mynda also conducts online training courses for Excel Dashboards, Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI.

Read more at My Online Training Hub.

Spreadsheet Daddy

SpreadsheetDaddy is a free online resource helping thousands of users master Microsoft Excel. From data visualization to VBA automation, we create easy-to-follow, practical guides for you to confidently navigate the world of Excel.

Read more at Spreadsheet Daddy.

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