Top Keto Blogs of 2023

GiGi Eats Celebrities

GiGi of GiGi Eats Celebrities has more digestive issues/food intolerances and allergies than there are letters in the alphabet. But she doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying delicious foods and experimenting in the kitchen with the foods she can actually eat. So that’s what you’ll see on her website and YouTube channel. Outside-of-the-box creations being made for the first time ever, right before your and her eyes. She hates wasting food so she never makes these recipes prior to filming. Expect…the unexpected!

Read more at GiGi Eats Celebrities.

Vigor It Out

Allie Edwards is a personal fitness trainer who is also certified in family nutrition and pregnancy nutrition. She helps moms learn how to master nutrition, health, and fitness through all stages of motherhood. Through her blogs she shares fitness tips, effective exercise routines, delicious recipes, and clean living ideas. Teaching moms everywhere how to take the reins on their health and happiness even with kids in tow.

Read more at Vigor It Out.


Robert Bryant writes about all aspects of the ketogenic diet. After the controversial low-carb, ketogenic diet saved his life by improving his health, he went on a quest to do research and provide science based Information to help others achieve success in losing weight and getting healthy.

Read more at Ketogenicinfo.

Appetite For Energy

Anna Mazlin is a Certified Ketogenic Diet Coach who helps women get their pre-kids body and confidence back while eating delicious, fat-filled foods and never going hungry. Anna is a firm believer in eating real, whole foods as much as possible and not spending to much time in the kitchen. Her easy, 30-minute low-carb recipes support the keto lifestyle with permanent weight loss so you can totally reboot your energy and life.

Read more at Appetite For Energy.

Top Coupon Blogs of 2023


Glitchndealz has been in the coupon and deal community for over 10 years. Many of you may know us as Yes we Coupon but as people’s habits and technology has evolved we are now geared more toward finding our followers the best possible deals with or without coupons. Many of our deals include price glitches and unmarked clearance that you won’t find anywhere else.

Read more at Glitchndealz.

Top Piano Blogs of 2023

The London Piano Institute

The London Piano Institute’s blog is dedicated to all piano enthusiasts who want to learn more about essential piano topics. Our articles are written by professional pianists and master piano teachers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with enthusiastic amateur pianists.

Read more at The London Piano Institute.

The authors at love playing public pianos, worldwide, whenever! In their blog, they reflect on numerous public piano events played over the years and the people they’ve met. They aim to invite, inspire and connect.


Faust Harrison Pianos

The Faust Harrison Pianos Blog provides information and answers to the questions our customers have been asking regarding digital pianos and acoustic pianos. We discuss piano care, new advances in digital piano technology and the restoration and rebuilding process of the Golden Era Steinway Pianos.

Read more at Faust Harrison Pianos.

Top Personal Finance Blogs of 2023

Featured Personal Finance Blogs

Debt Discipline

Brian started Debt Discipline as a way to help keep his family accountable to pay off $109,000 worth of consumer debt. Now debt-free, his mission is to help others. Brian hopes his story will inspire and motivate others to take control of their money.

Read more at Debt Discipline.

Millenial Money

Grant Sabatier is the Author of Financial Freedom and Creator of Millennial Money, where he writes about personal finance, entrepreneurship, investing, and financial independence. Grant is known for going from $2.26 in his bank account to $1.25 million, reaching financial independence in 5 years at the age of 30.

Read more at Millennial Money.

Financially Simple

Financially Simple is the quintessential education portal for small business owners and their teams. Through Financially Simple, Justin Goodbread – nationally recognized and award-winning financial planner, wealth manager, educator, author, speaker, value growth advisor, and exit planner – mentors business owners as they start, grow, and exit their businesses and teaches them how to get the greatest financial return on that investment.

Read more at Financially Simple.

Top Excel Blogs of 2023

Featured Excel Blogs

Peltier Tech Blog

The Peltier Tech blog is run by Jon Peltier, a Microsoft Excel MVP since 2001 and founder of Peltier Technical Services in 2003. The blog covers Excel topics such as Charting and VBA in great detail, with well over 500 tutorials. Peltier Tech offers commercial Excel Charting add-ins for Excel, and also does custom projects and training in these topics.

Read more at Peltier Tech Blog.

How to Excel

How to Excel is run by John MacDougall, a recent Microsoft MVP since 2018. His site covers a variety of topics including charts, formulas, VBA, pivot tables and power query. His site tends to take a visual approach and uses a lot of annotated screen shots for easy understanding. Make sure you check out his awesome 101 Pivot Table Tips post!

Read more at How to Excel.

Not Just Numbers

Glen Feechan, a Chartered Accountant and Excel Consultant, provides practical tips and advice on getting the most out of Excel – whatever you use it for.

Read more at Not Just Numbers.

Excel by Joe

ExcelbyJoe is my Excel blog where I teaches users how to use Microsoft Excel in their everyday lives. I use many screenshots and videos in my posts to help users learn how to use Excel in their work life, personal life and in fantasy sports.

Read more at Excel by Joe.

My Online Training Hub

Microsoft Excel MVP, Mynda Treacy, writes about everything Excel, with particular focus on Excel Dashboards and data visualisation. Mynda also conducts online training courses for Excel Dashboards, Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI.

Read more at My Online Training Hub.

Spreadsheet Daddy

SpreadsheetDaddy is a free online resource helping thousands of users master Microsoft Excel. From data visualization to VBA automation, we create easy-to-follow, practical guides for you to confidently navigate the world of Excel.

Read more at Spreadsheet Daddy.

Top Homeschool Blogs of 2023

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Erica Arndt is a Christian, blogger, YouTuber, author, and homeschooling mom of four. She is the creator of the top homeschooling website, Confessions of a Homeschooler, where she shares all of her top tips for homeschooling, parenting, organization, and crafting! She has also written the top rated Homeschooling 101 book and offers eCourses on homeschooling and crafting.

Read more at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

123 Homeschool 4 Me

Looking for free printables? 123 Homeschool 4 Me has over 1 million FREE worksheets, games and activities to make learning fun for Toddler-8th grade. From themed worksheets to math games, literacy activities to hands-on history lessons, science experiments to seasonal fun, this site has everything conveniently arranged to find what you need by subject or grade.

Read more at 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Heart to Heart Homeschooling

Kay Chance homeschooled her sons for 15 years and now encourages and equips other Christian homeschooling moms on their journey. At Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling, you’ll find resources for faith, family, and a natural approach to teaching your children. Relationships are key to homeschool success, and Kay helps moms to make those relationships a priority through both what they teach and how they teach it. Using a living books, natural approach to education was a cornerstone to their homeschool experience and she hopes to share what they learned with you.

Read more at Heart to Heart Homeschooling.

Encouraging Moms Who Homeschool

This blog aims to be a source of encouragement for moms who also happen to be their children’s primary educator. Jan L. Burt is a 25-year homeschooler, contributor to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, homeschool product reviewer, homeschool conference speaker, author of The Homeschooling Mothers Bible Study, and host of The Burt (Not Ernie) Show podcast. Jan offers real-world help and encouragement for the very real world that is all things homeschool.

Read more at Encouraging Moms Who Homeschool.

Our Journey Westward

Cindy West writes about creative ideas for homeschooling. Her articles include easy-to-implement suggestions for all subjects, ages, and learning abilities. She strives to help you and your children find joy and success in homeschooling and gives practical advice for overcoming common challenges.

Read more at Our Journey Westward.

The Unlikely Homeschool

The Unlikely Homeschool is a faith-based blog dedicated to encouraging and equipping moms in the everyday trenches of home and school. Jamie Erickson, founder and lead writer, is a highly sought-after homeschool conference speaker, author of Homeschool Bravely, and co-host of The Mom to Mom Podcast.

Read more at The Unlikely Homeschool.

Alexandra Kulick

Alexandra Kulick is a writer and homeschooling mom of four. She has written a wide variety of books on topics ranging from pregnancy, to French curriculum, children’s tales and everything else in between. Her blog features the latest educational curricula reviews, free unit studies, recipes and more.

Read more at Alexandra Kulick.

Jump Into Genius

Marla Szwast writes about all things homeschooling with a focus on how the brain learns. You can find the latest discoveries from cognitive research and neuroscience explained, along with practical examples of what it looks like to implement those ideas in your homeschool at Jump Into Genius.

Read more at Jump Into Genius.

Organized Home School

Kim is a homeschooling mom of four who runs a successful CPA firm as well. Her mission at Organized Home School is to show women how to live their best life NOW while raising their children. She is passionate about simplifying life and teaching women how to multiply their time with systems and routines. She also provides tips and techniques on how to homeschool while working full time. Life doesn’t have to be put on hold until the children are grown. Women can be the CEO of their homes and the CEO of their lives NOW.

Read more at Organized Home School.

Practical Pages

Practical Pages is packed with practical tips, projects, plans, free pages and art ideas. Nadene loves to share her free pages and downloads that her family have used in their Charlotte Mason–inspired homeschooling. She loves to encourage, inspire and equip homeschool parents in their amazing homeschooling journey.

Read more at Practical Pages.

Rock Your Homeschool

Amy Milcic is a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys who draws upon her experience as a mental health therapist on a daily basis. Her blog, Rock Your Homeschool, focuses on helping homeschoolers and educational professionals keep their cool so they can make life and learning fun. You’ll find amazing ideas, tips, and resources for homeschooling, interest-led learning, growth mindset, self-care, and more.

Read more at Rock Your Homeschool.

Homeschool Your Boys

Michelle Caskey shares encouragement and inspiration for parents who are homeschooling boys. She has 17 years of experience homeschooling her own sons and she enjoys helping parents to see that raising boys, while challenging at times, is also a huge blessing. Michelle shares tips and tricks to help parents better connect with their sons and teach them that homeschooling can be a fun adventure.

Read more at Homeschool Your Boys.

The HomeScholar

Lee Binz provides help for parents homeschooling middle school and high school and has authored over 40 books about homeschooling. Starting in 2007, Lee has helped thousands of parents navigate the challenges of homeschooling through high school graduation and launching their kids into college, career, and life. On her website, she has numerous free and paid resources to help parents tackle the toughest high school jobs like creating homeschool transcripts and records and gaining college admission and scholarships.

Read more at The HomeScholar.

Freedom Homeschooling

Freedom Homeschooling provides the best selection of free homeschool curriculum available online, in one convenient location. Freedom Homeschooling’s goal is to help parents provide their children with a high-quality education, on even the lowest budget.

Read more at Freedom Homeschooling.

Top Disney Blogs of 2023

Mouse Ear Memories

Sharing food allergy Disney eats so no one is left out on vacation. Find a resource library full of food allergy plans and news, budget hacks, and family tips for maximum fun at Disney World.

Read more at Mouse Ear Memories.

The Happiest Blog on Earth

Disneyland Plans start here, whether it’s your first Disneyland visit or you’re an AP holder. Jessica Sanders has tips on how to skip long lines, printable itineraries for your day, a calendar of festivals and events along with top foodie picks at Disneyland Resort.

Read more at The Happiest Blog on Earth.

Monorails and Magic

Monorails and Magic focuses on ways that families can enjoy their love of Disney at home and in the parks. They share free Disney inspired printables for kids, gift ideas, as well as Walt Disney World tips.

Read more at Monorails and Magic.

Luxury Disney Travel Blog

The Luxury Disney Travel Blog focuses on the finer side of Disney travel. The blog covers Disney Deluxe resort hotels and villas, Disney table service dining, special events and activities and much more. Destinations include Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Disney Vacation Club Resorts in Hawaii, California, Vero Beach and Hilton Head Island. Mike focuses on delivering practical Disney travel tips and advice to help readers with the planning and booking of the best possible Disney vacations.

Read more at Luxury Disney Travel Blog.

The Curious Footprint

The Curious Footprint takes one woman’s curiosity to explore the world around her and turns it into a source of inspiration for others. Tina shares her honest, genuine and personal thoughts and experiences so that readers know what to expect before they take that bite, buy that product, see that show or book that trip.

Read more at The Curious Footprint.

WDW Prep School

WDW Prep School is a Disney World-focused site geared toward helping people optimize their time in the parks with analysis of various dining, touring, and entertainment options. The site was founded by Shannon Albert who has stayed in every Disney World hotel (most of them, many times) and travels to Disney World once a month to stay updated on current info.

Read more at WDW Prep School.

Disney Tips and Trips

Disney Tips and Trips helps readers plan the most magical Disney vacation. Planning Disney vacations can be both stressful and hit your wallet hard, but with their helpful guidance planning can be a breeze. Disney Tips and Trips offers amazing tips on how to save money before you go and while you’re in the parks. They can also help you create a low-stress Disney vacation with fun reviews and many exclusive tips and tricks.

Read more at Disney Tips and Trips.

For The Love of the Mouse

For the Love of the Mouse is bringing you all the news from Disney and beyond. Whether it’s baking, cooking, for the home, beauty or planning your next vacation to Disney or beyond, they have all the information you need in one space. Stop by for the Disney and stay for the lifestyle, travel and more.

Read more at For Love of the Mouse.

Me and The Mouse

The Me and The Mouse blog consists of a team of fantastic writers who provide weekly content about everything Disney. This includes up to date information about the parks, cruise ships, and much more. Our team is in the parks first hand so they can pass along valuable information to the reader.

Read more at Me and The Mouse.


RetroWDW is the digital archive of the Lake Buena Vista Historical Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to educate the public on and preserve the history and heritage of the Walt Disney World. The site features a vast searchable collection of restored photographs, films, and audio recordings from the Disney parks and resorts as well as a monthly podcast.

Read more at RetroWDW.

Disney Cruise Line Blog

The Disney Cruise Line Blog is an unofficial Disney Cruise Line news, information, weather, and photoblog. Scott started The Disney Cruise Line Blog in 2012, sharing breaking news, trip reports, and various cruise planning information, along with occasional insight on the Disney Parks and other places on the Space Coast and around Central Florida.

Read more at Disney Cruise Line Blog.

Notes from Neverland

Notes from Neverland covers all the news, reviews and rumors about everything Disney. They discuss what first-time visitors and repeat guests need to know about Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and more. They started Notes from Neverland in 2018 as a way of sharing their love for Disney while connecting fans to the information they need before planning their next vacation.

Read more at Notes from Neverland.

Wandering in Disney

Wandering in Disney is a blog run by a few close friends who have a passion for Disney. Focused on creating thoughtful guides and reviews on Disney hotels, restaurants, and experiences, families and individuals planning a trip or looking to learn a bit more about what Disney has to offer can find everything they need on the Wandering in Disney site.

Read more at Wandering in Disney.

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Top Mom Blogs of 2023

Top Mom Bloggers Share Their Best Tip For Parenting

I asked the top mom bloggers to share their best tip that they wish they knew when they first started parenting. Here are their responses:

Erin Bohn

My best tip for parenting – if they are both socks, then they make a pair. After three kids I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff. My house will never be spotless, my dinners will never be magazine worthy, but my kids are happy.

-Erin blogs at No Bohns About it.

Natasha Peter

Aim high, not to be the perfect parent, but the best parent you can be.

Throughout my life, I have always strived for perfection and excellence, even if that meant stretching myself thin and ragged. Perfection, though, means nothing in the eyes of your child. Your children will not remember that you had the cleanest and most perfect house, but they will remember those times when you danced till you dropped with them to their favorite song or movie. Enjoy every moment with your child and strive to be the best parent you can be.

-Natasha blogs at Epic Mommy Adventures.

Susan Heim

If you’re buying a double stroller, I recommend a model with front and rear seats rather than side by side seats. It’s narrower and easier to maneuver down sidewalks and store aisles.

-Susan blogs at Susan Heim on Parenting.

Katie Sexton

Kids do not come with manuals and every child is different. Trust your intuition when it comes to your kids, books do not have all of the answers.

-Katie blogs at Mommy Katie.

Melissa Weintraub

My best parenting tip is to not rush the various ages. It might be hard when they first come home from the hospital or are cranky toddlers, but enjoy it because it goes by so quickly. Enjoy each and every moment.

-Melissa blogs at The Mommyhood Chronicles.

Jennifer Corter

The one thing I wished I knew when I began my parenting journey was to always expect the unexpected. Always to be on your toes, because you never know from minute to minute what your little one is doing. They are constantly changing beings and continue to evolve every single day, so nothing is ordinary. But everything is extraordinary in life, being a parent.

-Jennifer blogs at Corter Moon.

Kristen Hewitt

Choose what’s important and build your life around that. It’s simple really, what’s the most important thing to YOU for your family? It doesn’t matter what the baby books say, what the Jones did, or what worked for your mother in law 30 years ago. What matters is what works for YOUR family. For me what’s important is our kids. So I’ve built a life where I can work around their schedule. I work during NBA season, and am home with my girls in the summer. This type of life doesn’t work for everyone, but if you stay true to you and are present for your kids, you will succeed at parenting.

-Kristen blogs at Mommy in Sports.

Diana Chastain

My best parenting tip that I wish I knew…more the advice I would have listened to: it’s hard. Caring for a child is hard especially when it’s own and full time. There is so much more to Parenting than changing diapers, feeding, and nap schedules. You have to teach them to take care of themselves and become responsible, considerate adults. Is it worth it? Every minute of it.

-Diana blogs at Nanny to Mommy.

Ros Emely

The best parenting tips that I wish I knew was not to worry about what other moms are doing and just do what works for you. Always follow your heart and your intuition. You know your kids better than anyone else, you know how to parent and raise them.

Also, there’s no such thing as being the perfect mother, so don’t stress trying to be one. Each day comes with its blessings and trials. Take it one day at a time and take a break if you have to! Being a mother is such a blessing and rest assured that you will find your own parenting style. Enjoy your kids to the fullest because they honestly grow so fast 🙂

-Ros blogs at Stress Free Mommies.


The piece of advice I wish I received before parenthood is to embrace the unexpected and live in the imperfect moments. When I first found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, I was consumed by the cute pictures of friends’ little ones in their adorable newborn photo shoots and frilly pink outfits. I had visions of my little one and I taking day trips into the city with ease and picnics in the park. Then I realized I was trying to create perfect scenarios and not just “enjoying being”. While I have some amazing photos and awesome memories that look like they are out of a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue, I find the moments I cherished the most were the unexpected, not so glamorous moments. The projects that turned out to be anything but Pinterest worthy. The naughty looks on my daughter’s face in front of our refrigerator covered with crayon streaks. The peaceful and exhausted look on her face after a crying fit. These are the moments that make parenthood, not the perfect images we are enamored by when we are expecting. There is nothing easy about parenthood. Why make it harder by trying to be perfect.

-Kristen blogs at Mommy’s New Groove.


My best tip for any new parent would be…lower your expectations. You are not going to be able to do everything, the less you try the happier you will be. I’m not joking, when I first became a mum I wanted everything to be perfect, a set routine, no dummy and solely breastfed. This all quickly flew out the window! My son would not stick to any kind of routine whatsoever, and he would not sleep unless he was sucking on something, so a dummy was essential. I became overly exhausted and had to breast-pump so that I could have a break. Lowering my expectations was necessary if I wanted to survive my first year as a mum. Once I did this I was ten thousand times happier, which in turn made me a better mother. Sometimes I revert back to being a perfectionist, but then I realise it’s so much more fun when I don’t take life so seriously!

-Meagan blogs at the The Mum Project.


My best tip for parenting that I wish I knew when I started is simply to go with the flow. Meaning, it’s fine to make plans and rules to follow as a parent, but know that each and every child is different so what works for one may not work for the other. Whether it’s sleep-training, picky eating or learning how to read, every child’s needs and journey is different; so as a parent you have to willing to learn as you go and adapt to what works for your family!

-Ana blogs at Mommy’s Bundle.

Elena Ollick

It will be way harder than you think and way easier at the same time. And that is the biggest truth of parenting: the contradicting nature of the job, the highs and lows. How things often won’t make sense, how you will always struggle to be the best parent you can and yet do a great job. How you will most likely absolutely give up your life as an individual for at least the first few years and often longer. Completely and irrevocably until your child doesn’t need you as much. But in the end, when you look at this life you’ve created, you’ll realize that all of it worth experiencing, at least once in your life.

-Elena blogs at The Art of Making a Baby.

Ashley Trexler

Trust your gut. As a new mother, I was so worried about making a wrong decision that making any decision required the strategic planning of a commander general. Don’t get me wrong, much of the newfound knowledge was helpful, but too much of it –way too much– just inspired feelings of guilt and inadequacy. So I say: You’ve got enough on your plate as a new parent. Don’t add to it. Make decisions that feel right for your family. Don’t be afraid to explore ideas, inspiration, and solutions…. just be sure to get off Google Search when you find yourself getting off track. 😉

-Ashley blogs at Lies About Parenting.

Holly Bonner

The best parenting tip I wish I had known before becoming a mother is sometimes you will be your own worst critic. There is “no such thing as the perfect mommy.” That mythical creature in the realm of motherhood does not exist. That being said, do your best to wake up every morning having a pure heart and hopefully, a clear mind. Sometimes surviving your parenting journey means taking things one day at a time. Be kind to yourself and enjoy your children. They don’t expect you to be superwoman; all they need is your loving presence every single day.

-Holly blogs at Blind Motherhood.

Ellen Oliveira

Everyone starts off their parenting journey mostly scared of what’s to come, excited over the new experiences or a little bit of both. I wish I had known to say YES to people who want to help or ask for help when you need a little break. I internalized a lot of my frustrations and it was a very lonely experience. A rested mom is a way better mom than a tired one.

-Ellen blogs at Young Love Mommy.

Jolleen Ruiz

I think the best advice for newbie parents is to remember that you cannot protect your child from everything. Trying to keep every single germ away from them doesn’t do them any good. Give them the opportunity to build up a strong immune system and relax!

-Jolleen blogs at Just One Mommy’s Opinion.

Mad Mama NYC

My best tip came from my grandmother. I wish she actually mentioned it before I started struggling. But well, it’s still better than nothing.

She said the ultimate thing: if your baby is sleeping – don’t wake him up! Even if he’s all covered with poop or his diaper is soaking! If he is comfortable enough to sleep, let him sleep.

Same thing with feedings. She said to never ever wake the baby up to feed him. And it actually makes a lot of sence. Of course this is only applicable to healthy babies. And if your pediatrician advices you otherwise, you should totally follow Doctor’s advice.

Mad Mama NYC.


The first two weeks are so precious so use them wisely – no friends or family have visitation rights! Be choosy; say no to some visitors, put some people off until after those first two weeks when you’ll be grateful for the company. You need to get to know your new baby as much as they do, and you can’t do that if you’re making endless cups of tea and regurgitating your birth story for the fifteenth time.

-Sarah blogs at Mum Muddling Through.


The best tip I could give would be to embrace your role as a new parent. There are always a million things we want to do in a day, but if you stop to evaluate them, most of them aren’t really that important. The world won’t crash down on you if your dishes are in the sink overnight. Enjoy your children. If your baby wants to be snuggled, sit down on the couch and turn on a TV show. If your child wants to play hide-and-seek, set down the laundry and go play. These moments are way to fleeting and precious to be put off or on hold. Before you know it, you will be wishing you could get an hour hug fest, or a chance to play tag with your child. Don’t wait till tomorrow… play today!

-Kim blogs at Love, Mrs. Mommy.

Uplifting Families

How I wish that my very first bonding experience where I connected with my tiny infant for the first time was carried through into toddlerhood and beyond.

As a new parent, I failed to realise that an ongoing bond contributes to a child’s emotional- and physical growth. Too soon, my tiny cherub was sitting, walking and growing more independent, and I was spending more and more time working to make ends meet.

Its about Time Spent Together

If only I’d taken just a bit more time out to buying less toys and simply being with my child in the park, eating an ice cream at the dam or strolling around the zoo.

Children benefit with more time alone with parents. My best tip for new parents is simply this – spend time together as a family as it builds strong ties and creates happy memories. It creates an environment that builds self-esteem and strong characters in children.

It’s our Time that Truly Counts

Children don’t want more toys and gadgets – they want our time. Once your child is an aloof, indifferent teenager, its too late for regrets. If you care for your child deeply, make time for them, as your ongoing work schedule may well be sending a message that won’t build their self-esteem.

As a parent, you want to always be the first supportive person in their life, and in doing so, provide them with a lasting foundation on which to build their life.

Uplifting Families.

Top Cruise Blogs of 2023

Cruise Mummuy

Cruise Mummy is a UK-based cruise blog offering cruise advice to help you get the very best cruise, for less. With over half a million readers per month Cruise Mummy has a global audience and covers all cruise lines and destinations.

Read more at Cruise Mummy.

Should Be Cruising

Carrie Ann founded Should Be Cruising in 2018 as a resource for newbie and seasoned cruisers alike. She shares her passion for cruise travel on the blog with helpful cruise tips, cruise ship reviews, and in-depth guides featuring the best things to do in cruise ports around the world.

Read more at Should Be Cruising.

Prof. Cruise

Prof. Cruise, a retired college professor turned “professor of cruising” offers helpful and humorous “lectures” on all things cruising – from detailed ship and excursion reviews to cruise line menus to tips on solo cruising, cruising with kids, cruising on a budget, last minute cruising, and much more. Her sense of humor and passion for cruising will have you laughing out loud and eager to book your next cruise.

Read more at Prof. Cruise.

Chris Cruises

Chris Cruises is charged with sharing frank, inside information with seasoned travelers and those dreaming of becoming one. Since 2001, ChrisCruises has aligned with brands that promote travel to affect positive change in our world.

Read more at Chris Cruises.


Since 2009, CruiseInd has been reporting on the latest news and rumors from the industry as well as providing in-depth analyses periodically. They report on the latest newbuild orders from lines as well as maintain a highly accurate database of all upcoming newbuilds.

Read more at CruiseInd.

Eat Sleep Cruise

Don and Heidi Bucolo have been cruising together for over ten years and share their adventures, along with useful travel tips, cruise planning advice, and reviews of cruise ships, shore excursions, and more to we help travelers “sea the world one port at a time.

Read more at Eat Sleep Cruise.

Cruise Arabia and Africa

Cruise Arabia and Africa is the leading online cruise travel magazine in the Middle East, with advice, news and reviews for Dubai cruise passengers from the region and overseas

Read more at Cruise Arabia & Africa.

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Top Craft Blogs of 2023

Creative Green Living

Carissa Bonham is an award-winning writer who wants to help families make healthier choices that are both beautiful and delicious. After seven years as a craft tutorial writer, she started her green lifestyle website, Creative Green Living, in 2013 to focus on recycled and non-toxic crafts, gardening, organic recipes and easy DIY projects for families. She is also the author of several books including Beautiful Smoothie Bowls and Proven Techniques for Keeping Healthy Chickens.

Read more at Creative Green Living.

Tatertots and Jello

Jen Hadfield, is a mom of five who is currently renovating an 1891 home in downtown Salt Lake City and sharing all of the DIY projects. She has been sharing daily craft, recipes, and DIY tutorials since 2008. Follow along for ideas to make your life easier and more beautiful.

Read more at Tatertots and Jello.

Happy Hooligans

Jackie is a mom and a home daycare provider with 20+ years of experience. She specializes in fun and creative crafts and activities for kids, easy family recipes, and parenting tips. More than two million parents, ECE’s and childcare providers from all over the globe turn to the Happy Hooligans blog and Facebook page as a trusted resource every month.

Read more at Happy Hooligans.

Heart Handmade UK

Heart Handmade UK is your one-stop shop for creativity. This Creative magazine site was founded in 2010 to help Claire navigate the world as a disabled, housebound woman and using Creativity as a way to cope. With lots of free craft magazines, templates and expert mental health guides, there is plenty for you to explore and live a happy, creative life.

Read more at Heart Handmade UK.

Rachael Jess

Rachael Jess shows you how to make your life as unique as you are with upcycled, recycled and reloved craft pieces. When not creating, Rachael is reviewing books, activities and toys for all the family to enjoy. When life is feeling a bit mundane head on over to her blog for this week’s unique must make.

Read more at Rachael Jess.


Mukta Maniar of VREnchanted is a craft enthusiast who started crafting as a hobby but in a year it became her profession. She is self taught and her products include greeting cards, mixed media canvas, home decor products, favors for all occasions, scrapbooks, mini albums and much more. She will be happy to let you see her world filled with innovative and creative products.

Read more at VREnchanted.

Create With Joy

Create With Joy is an inspirational blog that celebrates faith, family and creativity in all its facets. Inside you’ll find cards, crafts and DIY projects to inspire you; recipes to entice you; and enriching books and resources on health and home, pets and parenting and other lifestyle topics. You’ll also find community-building blog parties where bloggers are invited to spotlight their creative gifts.

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