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All About Ami

Since beginning her blog in January 2011, Stephanie Lau has been sharing her love of crochet, amigurumi, and knit with people all over the world. Stephanie designs everything from stuffed animals and blankets, to stylish wearable items and baskets with her loving husband Ryan in Alberta, Canada. Join along as she shares her beautiful, modern and cute crochet and knit designs with detailed step-by-step tutorials and free patterns.

Read more at All About Ami.

Food Above Gold

Food Above Gold offers a modern culinary education at home. Focusing on how to cook, instead of just what to cook, Mackenzie teaches her readers how to apply professional techniques at home. Using approachable gourmet comfort food recipes, she shares the tips and hacks used in the finest kitchens in the world and provides confidence gained through more than 15 years in the industry. Whether teaching knife skills, how to buy and store ingredients, or foundational cooking methods, she thrives on sharing her passion for the art of cooking.

Read more at Food Above Gold.

By Brittany Goldwyn

Brittany Goldwyn Merth is the creator behind By Brittany Goldwyn, a modern DIY, planting, crafting blog that inspires others to live creatively. She shares a variety of tutorials focused on DIY home decor, basic woodworking, crafts, and more, and she posts easy-to-follow houseplant care guides for aspiring green thumbs. Brittany loves inspiring others to embrace simple ways they can bring creativity, style, and function to their lives and homes.

Read more at By Brittany Goldwyn.

Creative Green Living

Carissa Bonham is an award-winning writer who wants to help families make healthier choices that are both beautiful and delicious. After seven years as a craft tutorial writer, she started her green lifestyle website, Creative Green Living, in 2013 to focus on recycled and non-toxic crafts, gardening, organic recipes and easy DIY projects for families. She is also the author of several books including Beautiful Smoothie Bowls and Proven Techniques for Keeping Healthy Chickens.

Read more at Creative Green Living.

Start With You

Karen Ross at Start With You is an expert coach and intuitive healer who works with business owners and professionals to get off the hamster wheel of stress, find more balance, be more productive – and enjoy their life. This also helps them be more amazing leaders. Her blog features a range of advice from how to identify signs of stress, how to find more balance and what to do if you hate your job (spoiler alert: don’t quit until your head is in the right space).

Read more at Start with You.

GiGi Eats Celebrities

GiGi of GiGi Eats Celebrities has more digestive issues/food intolerances and allergies than there are letters in the alphabet. But she doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying delicious foods and experimenting in the kitchen with the foods she can actually eat. So that’s what you’ll see on her website and YouTube channel. Outside-of-the-box creations being made for the first time ever, right before your and her eyes. She hates wasting food so she never makes these recipes prior to filming. Expect…the unexpected!

Read more at GiGi Eats Celebrities.

Truth or Dairy

Carla Wardin is a sixth generation dairy farmer in St Johns, Michigan – but she didn’t start out that way. After she and her husband Kris graduated from Michigan State, they had corporate jobs and moved all around the county before deciding to buy the farm from her parents. Read along as Carla, Kris, and their three young sons explore what it’s like living on a modern dairy farm. Current events, humor, policy, and regular farm life all come together in this informative and lighthearted blog.

Read more at Truth or Dairy.

Tiny Living Life

Daniel and Gaetan started Tiny Living Life with the intention of delivering compelling and informational content in the tiny living and off-grid world. They are both big proponents of minimalistic living and self-sufficiency as a means to return to what truly makes us happy in life; that is being closer to our family and friends, challenging ourselves intellectually, and leading healthy lives. During their free time, they like to go on outdoor adventures, boulder, and mountain bike.

Read more at Tiny Living Life.

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Erica Arndt is a Christian, blogger, YouTuber, author, and homeschooling mom of four. She is the creator of the top homeschooling website, Confessions of a Homeschooler, where she shares all of her top tips for homeschooling, parenting, organization, and crafting! She has also written the top rated Homeschooling 101 book and offers eCourses on homeschooling and crafting.

Read more at Confessions of a Homeschooler.


Marcy, also known as oonaballoona, is an actress, singer, dancer, and lover of color. She hosts the entertainment sewing series “Re:Fashion” on Bluprint alongside her husband Rob. Her blog chronicles her signature technicolor style throughout adventures in film, tv, stage, the grocery store, and life in New York.

Read more at oonaballoona.

Champion of My Heart

Roxanne Hawn combines her career in journalism with a life-long love of dogs on her award-winning site called Champion of My Heart. From her home in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, she continues to write professionally online and in print for other dog lovers as well as veterinary professionals. She is also the author of an Amazon best-seller on pet loss – Heart Dog: Surviving the Loss of Your Canine Soul Mate.

Read more at the Champion of My Heart.

Pastries Like a Pro

Helen Fletcher owned a wholesale bakery servicing hotels, restaurants and caterers for 23 years and is currently the pastry chef at one of the most esteemed restaurants in her city. She shares her craft through her blog, Pastries Like a Pro, making all things baking and pastry attainable through step by step photos and clear instructions. Helen’s blog features not only recipes but a wealth of information including in-depth discussions of ingredients, technique, and equipment with the belief that understanding more about baking and pastry will lead to overall success.

Read more at Pastries Like a Pro.

Write with Fey

Chrys Fey started her blog, Write with Fey, thinking of the countless writers out there feeling as alone as she did when she started out. Her goal has always been to help aspiring writers find inspiration and advice. On Write with Fey, Chrys has shared posts to help writers write a novel from beginning to end. But she didn’t stop there, because writing doesn’t stop there. She published posts about editing, publishing, and marketing. Each one…a spark. If you search her blog you’ll also find advice on how to write specific events and characters such as kidnappings, torture, ghosts, and angels.

Read more at Write with Fey.

Bethany Rutledge

Bethany Rutledge’s goal is to help beginner athletes cross their first finish line as well as help experienced athletes set a personal best. She shares training tips, training plans, and encouragement for runners at all levels. She’s also the author of Courage to Tri, a part how-to, part inspiration for women looking to cross their first finish line.

Read more at Bethany Rudledge’s blog.

Financially Simple

Financially Simple is the quintessential education portal for small business owners and their teams. Through Financially Simple, Justin Goodbread – nationally recognized and award-winning financial planner, wealth manager, educator, author, speaker, value growth advisor, and exit planner – mentors business owners as they start, grow, and exit their businesses and teaches them how to get the greatest financial return on that investment.

Read more at Financially Simple.

Back Roads and Other Stories

A carpenter and an archaeologist get a campervan and go travelling. What can go wrong, you ask? Just come along for the ride and find out. We share stories and tips on campervan travel as we roll across north America in our Class B Carado Banff campervan; DIY fixes, problem solving and hacks, life on the road, a sprinkle of beautiful vistas, and a dash of cooking in the van. We may also contemplate about life in general if inspiration strikes. Come join our adventure!

Read more at Back Roads and Other Stories.

Books From Dusk Till Dawn

You can come to Books From Dusk Till Dawn and dip your toes to see if you like the sound of a book or series. The core reviews are crime related but you can find most genres have been read and reviewed at sometime, with trigger warnings for anything that may affect some readers. So bob in to ‘live in the mind of killers and walk at the side of heroes’.

Read more at Books From Dusk Till Dawn.

Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman teaches people how to grow wealth and achieve financial independence by investing in single-family income properties, which he calls the most historically proven asset class. He also shares practical information on real estate investing on his popular Creating Wealth Show podcast, which has been downloaded over 1 million times and has featured guests like Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Forbes, and Jenny Craig.

Read more at Jason Hartman.

Uniting Couples to Strengthen Families

The quality of marital and other couple relationships has an enormous impact not just on personal well-being, but on the well-being of children in families. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and mother of 7, Dr. Lori Schade mixes research with some of her own experiences to focus on issues that make a difference in relationship happiness.

Read more at Uniting Couples to Strengthen Families.

Adam Watson’s Edtech Elixirs

Adam Watson has been in education since 2005, first as a high school English teacher and now as the Digital Learning Coordinator for Shelby County Public Schools (KY-USA). As a huge fan of a certain galaxy far far away, one of his proudest moments is having his “Star Wars Shakespeare” unit mentioned in Star Wars Insider. Watson’s blog entries include highlights of edtech tools, interviews with teacher-leaders, and how technology is integrated with new pedagogies in ways that are transforming education.

Read more at Adam Watson’s Edtech Elixirs.

The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Founded in 2010 and described by concert pianist Peter Donohoe as “an important voice in the piano world”, The Cross-Eyed Pianist focuses on classical music and pianism, with articles on repertoire, performing and performance psychology, teaching and music education, plus the popular weekly Meet the Artist interview series and concert and CD reviews.

Read more at The Cross-Eyed Pianist.

Say “I Do” On a Budget

Hazel is a budget wedding and married life blogger with 7 years of experience in hunting down and sharing the best advice, ideas and inspiration for how engaged couples can have their dream wedding for less. On Hazel’s blog you will find budget friendly supplier spotlights and real budget wedding features amongst general advice posts and guest blogs from industry experts.

Read more at Say “I Do” On a Budget.

Diabetes Dominator™

Daniele Hargenrader writes about how to best manage the mental and emotional aspects of living with all types of diabetes and other chronic diseases through consistent self-love practices. Consciously and intentionally practicing self-love is the missing piece in any and all attempts to make sustainable improvements one’s mind, body, spirit wellness, and Daniele is happy to be your self-love strength coach.

Read more at Diabetes Dominator™.

Trend Styled

Saul Rasco is a Texas born transplant now based in Los Angeles and New York City working as a men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger and photographer. With his blog Trend Styled, Saul captures the lifestyle of the new modern guy by providing daily inspirations from his experience of balancing a busy, city life with a relaxed state of mind. While not capturing all things men’s style, Saul can be found trekking the globe and documenting it all through his blog and on Instagram [@saulrasco].

Read more at Trend Styled.

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

If I had to use some words to describe myself they would be sewist, dressmaker, fabricaholic and creative fiber artist would all be featured. Mostly though I’m just a plus size fashionista journeying through the sewing world trying to make magic with each garment I create.

Read more at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.

Bulgaria or Bust

Adoptive mom, Emily Layne, shares her family’s story of their adoption process with transparency and humor. She connects with her readers and tugs at their heart strings. Her desire is to share her experience and educate others on the adoption process and adoption-related issues.

Read more at Bulgaria or Bust.

Cake by Courtney

Courtney Rich is a self-taught baker, who’s love of baking and obsession with cake went from an occasional hobby to a passion just two and a half years ago, and is now something she shares with over 64,000 followers on Instagram. Teaching herself through trial and error, Courtney develops and shares her recipes and tutorials so other home bakers can create great tasting and beautiful looking cakes. Courtney also teaches classes and makes monthly appearances on local television shows.

Read more at Cake by Courtney.

A Calming Home

Janice Ruste, the voice behind A Calming Home, is an interior designer and pastry chef who writes about traditional homemaking and simple living. Her advocacy is to help women embrace the power of their femininity, as the light and gatekeeper of their homes.

Read more at A Calming Home.

Knitted Bliss

Knitted Bliss features fantastic knitting, crafting and roundups of great ideas that appeal to fiber crafts everywhere. Written by Julie Crawford, this blog is all about how to think outside the pattern when approaching your own knitting. You’ll find loads of inspiration, with Modification Mondays and Friday Links!

Read more at Knitted Bliss.

Drive on the Left

Drew and Julie from Drive on the Left are US expats who love life abroad. Their new expat home of Shenzhen, China means there are plenty of new places to explore and many things to understand about life in China. Follow along as they share their expat adventures.

Read more at Drive on the Left.

Rachel Scott Yoga

Rachel Scott (Instructional Designer and Yoga Teacher Trainer, MFA, MSci, E-RYT 500), has created a wealth of resources for yoga students, yoga teachers, and teacher trainers. Find tips and tricks for teaching and practicing asana, as well as candid personal and insightful personal stories that bring yoga philosophy to life in the real world.

Read more at Rachel Scott Yoga.

Peltier Tech Blog

The Peltier Tech blog is run by Jon Peltier, a Microsoft Excel MVP since 2001 and founder of Peltier Technical Services in 2003. The blog covers Excel topics such as Charting and VBA in great detail, with well over 500 tutorials. Peltier Tech offers commercial Excel Charting add-ins for Excel, and also does custom projects and training in these topics.

Read more at Peltier Tech Blog.

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